Furnishing Homes in Sussex for over 200 years!

We can trace our roots in Sussex back to 1770 when we were established in Lewes, fast forwarding to the 20th century we opened the showroom on our current site in Uckfield.

Within our High Street showroom we have a huge selection of fabric, wallpaper and trimming samples in addition to a constantly changing range of furnishing products, accessories and gifts.

We also have our own team here in Sussex making curtains and accessories as well as an upholstery workshop, this allows us to offer a genuinely hands on bespoke service to all our clients.

In the 21st century Carvills remains very much a family firm, proud of our long history and keen to keep things evolving as they have for the last 240 odd years.


Our lovely new Waggledance collection from Beefayre... 3% of their profits each year goes towards bee conservation projects in the UK.

Beefayre wellbeing products are handmade in England and use the very highest quality natural ingredients, free of any petroleum by-products.