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Home Automations

Home Automation has not only become more reliable in recent years it has also become far more user friendly and affordable.

Why would you consider home automation?

The main reasons we find that our clients specify home automation are

  • Ease of use, inaccessible windows are no longer an issue and opening and closing a houseful of blinds and curtains takes seconds.

  • Aesthetics, no unsightly cords or chains.

  • Security, your curtains and blinds can give the impression you are at home when you aren’t.

  • Energy efficiency, close your blinds or curtains when the temperature starts to drop or rise to minimise heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

  • They are really cool, people with no previous interest in window treatments suddenly find curtains and blinds exciting!

With the improvements in battery technology many home automated systems no longer need to be hard wired saving both cost and disruption to existing décor.

We can help with everything from a simple battery-operated roller blind to a whole home system allowing you to control your curtains and blinds from your smart device or voice actuated digital assistant.

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