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We have a great range of off the peg cushions in stock but when we really get excited is when we start looking at bespoke custom-made options.

We can make just about every shape and type of cushion from cushions for your upholstery to window seats and church pews, from scatter cushions to sun loungers.

Options for the finish of your cushions include no piping, self-piping, cord, frilled, bordered, zipped or hand sewn you name it we can do it. 

The marvellous thing about scatter cushions is how they can punch above their weight, a relatively small item which uses very little fabric can have such a big effect on the room that they are used in. They also allow you to bring beautiful but often more expensive fabrics into your furnishings without blowing the budget.

Though obviously not as visually exciting as the outer covers what is actually inside your cushions can be very important.

When making new cushions we can make sure that we supply you with the interior best suited to your requirements with both natural and man-made options available.

If your existing cushion interiors are looking tired or you are simply fed up with having to constantly plump them up, we have a number of options that we can run through with you.

We are often asked what is the most comfortable option for seat cushions, there is no definitive answer to this as comfort is such a personal thing and with upholstery it is the combination of the type of seat under the cushion that needs to be considered.


For this reason, we have cushion samples that we can show you and we would encourage you to try them out to find out what is the best solution for you.

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