Be it on your walls, your woodwork or your furniture, paint is marvelous stuff. It still never ceases to amaze us given the options available how hard it can be to find the right colour and finish, with some of the ranges now offering literally thousands of options the concept of too much choice springs to mind.

Here at Carvills we keep the Zoffany range of 128 colours in sample pot form and once a decision is made delivery is usually next day, we have found that with Zoffany offering four types of paint combining two types of interior emulsion with the option of either an oil based or an acrylic eggshell many decorators favour the finish their paints give.

In addition to Zoffany we also keep paint cards of Sanderson, Little Green Paint Company and Farrow and Ball and can order these ranges for you.

The Zoffany Paint options are...



A water based emulsion that dries to an exceptionally chalky flat finish, emphasising the deep pigments in each colour. The flat finish and durability of this paint makes it ideal for interior walls and ceilings, leaving a gently spongeable surface. It can be used in bathrooms and kitchens but only if the room is very well ventilated and the painted wall does not come into direct contact with water.


Washable and stain resistant emulsion paint for modern living. This water-based finish is ideal for kitchens, children's rooms and high traffic areas. Following extensive R&D and by listening to our decorating partners, this dynamic paint has been specifically developed for maximum performance, whilst achieving the lowest sheen aesthetic as technically possible.


Hardwearing and washable water based paint suitable for interior walls, ceilings, woodwork and metalwork. Acrylic eggshell provides a low sheen finish that makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Also suitable for exterior use on woodwork and metals (primed), such as front doors, window frames and townhouse railings.


Traditional oil based paint giving a low sheen finish resistant to steam and condensation in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, this durable paint is ideal for interior woodwork and metalwork including doors, window frames, skirting boards and radiators. Also suitable for use on exterior woodwork and metals (primed).

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